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Engaging your business in the fight for poverty alleviation requires two critical elements: the desire to impact change and a strategic approach. This page houses the key information and resources required to get you started.

Our ‘Briefings for Business’ series are essential guides which outline how companies can take action to address poverty alleviation through community investment. These guides provide companies with practical advice and best practice examples to help guide them in developing more impactful community investment programmes which not only address poverty alleviation, but also serve as a great way to engage employees.

Briefing for Business 4 – Being Strategic about Philanthropy

BfB-4eng_coverHow Companies Can Make the Most Out of Their Philanthropic Efforts: This briefing paper aims to share views on what a ‘strategic’ approach to corporate philanthropy means, as well as providing useful case studies based on our experience of advising Hong Kong businesses for over a decade The following topics will be covered: Common issues in corporate philanthropy today, why adopt a strategic approach for corporate philanthropy, what does a strategic approach look like and guidelines on how to be strategic.

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Briefing for Business 1 - Taking Action on Poverty

BfB-1eng_coverThee Landscape of Poverty in Hong Kong and Why Business Action Matters: This briefing looks to give businesses the background they need to begin the discussion of taking action on poverty in Hong Kong. It covers the current government engagement on poverty alleviation, who those in poverty are, why businesses can have a real impact on poverty alleviation and how companies can best take action.

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Briefing for Business 2 – Skills-Based Volunteering

BfB-2eng_coverThe Value for Business and Practical Steps: This briefing paper aims to give businesses a more robust understanding of skills-based volunteering and the approaches that can be taken in order to truly affect positive change both inside and outside the business.  The following topics will be covered: An overview of employee volunteering in Hong Kong, what is skills-based volunteering, best practice examples of skills-based volunteering and practical steps for businesses considering skills-based volunteering.

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Briefing for Business 3 - Supporting Social Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong

BfB-3eng_cover1How Companies Can Support Action: Crucial to taking action against poverty alleviation is the support of social innovation and social enterprises in Hong Kong. This briefing paper aims to connect social businesses with companies who want to make an impact in the community. The following topics will be covered: Social entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation; the landscape of social enterprises in Hong Kong; how can companies make a difference, and more information for Hong Kong companies looking to support social enterprises.

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