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While businesses might recognise a moral incentive to join the action of poverty alleviation, there is a strong business case as to why corporations must take an active role. Poverty hits the financial bottom line, and helping to reduce it can create opportunities to do better business. Businesses that create decent jobs, and access to markets or goods and services that benefit low-income groups help to build healthier, wealthier, and more highly skilled communities. Those communities will in turn provide the customers, suppliers, and employees that companies need for sustainable growth.

Taking Action on Poverty: The Landscape of Poverty in Hong Kong and Why Business Action Matters This briefing looks to give businesses the background they need to begin the discussion of taking action on poverty in Hong Kong.

pencil Current government engagement with poverty

pencil Who those in poverty are

pencil Why businesses can have a real impact on poverty

pencil How companies can best take action

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    “There is not just a moral obligation but also a clear business case for companies to consider this issue. Poverty creates an unstable society and this affects business. Helping to reduce poverty and to increase opportunities can strengthen communities and society which in turn will help the sustainability of business.”

    Andrew Weir, CBLT Chairman, Senior Partner, KPMG